Beach driving in densely populated areas leads to fatalities and serious accidents, as evidenced in our area and elsewhere, and is illogical in a town that has miles of uninhabited beach that could be used instead

Couple run over on Long Island beach, sent to hospital (2017) 

Woman sitting in beach chair hit by truck on beach in Virginia (2017)
















4 year old boy seriously injured by pickup on Florida beach (2017)














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Sagaponack woman run over on Egypt beach by Jeep, sent to hospital (2015)


A common danger is small children wandering in front of, or even crawling under, our vehicles, then the driver taking off unwittingly - editorial


Beach driving stats reveal safety clues (2010) "Traffic engineers say the problem with the beach is that it's a continuous intersection”


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7 year old run over and seriously injured on Daytona Beach (2015)


Toddler darts in front of vehicle & hit on Daytona Beach (2014)


Charlotte woman run over on beach by Ocean Rescue truck (2013) 














5-year-old child hit by car while running on Daytona Beach (2013)


Beach Patrol runs over sun bather’s arm on Daytona Beach (2011)


Man run over by police SUV on Long Island beach (2010)


4 year old British girl hit & killed on Daytona Beach  (2010)

















Another 4 year old run over & killed, on New Smyrna, Florida beach  (2010)


















Woman run over by Volusia County (Florida) Beach Patrol (2010)


California beachgoer run over & killed by police


French woman hit & killed on Miami beach (2003)