We are a coalition of families who live in Napeague near the beach swarmed with SUVs, with proponents of children’s safety and environmental stewardship who are also with us. And our mission is simple: create safe access to our beaches that is fair to all residents of East Hampton.


Congested Daytona-style  beach driving and parking, keg parties and primary dune destruction on infamously nicknamed “Truck Beach” threaten the safety of East Hampton children and families. 


SAFE was formed to educate the public about East Hampton’s beach safety, sanitation and environmental hazards, and on wasteful government spending on lawsuits that deny these concerns. SAFE is committed to generating solutions to these problems that are free, safe and fair to all residents.




Relocating the cars and trucks away from this densely populated beach to an uninhabited one, along the same shoreline just 2 miles away, or even to an adjacent state park, are free solutions available to The Town of East Hampton to make our beaches safe once again for everyone. A fair alternative that satisfies both user groups.